Anonymous: why do u like a women beater



A woman beater is someone who has continuously beat multiple women. Someone who does this over and over multiple times.

CB has had 1 domestic violence incident against a woman. He’s pleaded guilty and took his punishment like a man at the age of 19. Took it better than most adults. He is not a woman beater and I never refer to him as that.

I love CB as a person because he didn’t let his mistakes stop him from continuing to live his life and doing what he loves. It may have been hard he may have thought it was over, but he kept on anyway.

I love him because he’s talented, he’s gifted, intelligent business man.

I love him because he gives back unselfishly. He donated his paintings to be sold to raise money for charity. Parts of his ticket sales go to charities. He also supports the Jeneese center to prevent domestic violence, and best buddies.

I love him because he’s a very talented man.

Most of all because he acknowledges and thanks God and never blames others for his mistakes.

None of us in this world are perfect we have all sinned and messed up. The person that it happened to forgave him and so should you. Most of I love him because of GOD’s ability to change any situation. When GOD is for you who can be against you. GOD has the ability to change anyone and anything. This and the fact that everyone, who meets him has expressed that he is nothing like what the media portrays him to be. We all deserve second chances and forgiveness.

I have no reason not to!!
You have a blessed day.